Short Biography on Don B. Lowe - Troop 3's Founder

Some Interesting Facts About Troop 3’s Founder- Don B. Lowe

* Started earning a living at age 12, selling German newspapers in Washington, DC. Later
   studied to become an Electrical Engineer.

* Enrolled in Business College at age 15.

* Moved to Parkersburg, WV, in 1915, and worked in a large banking concern where he was
   later promoted to bank treasurer, a position he held for 47 years before retiring in 1967.

* Founded Troop 3 on March 29, 1917, under the sponsorship of the First Presbyterian Church.
  The first Scout in Troop 3, Frank Lane, later became a Navy Rear Admiral.

* Was a father to over 1,000 young men in the Greater Parkersburg area.

* Purchased the 634-acre Buckskin Council’s Camp Kootaga, in 1922, while heading up the local
   active Gim-O-Gash Tribe of the Boy Scouts of America.

* Served as Camp Director of the first formal summer camp held at Camp Kootaga in 1922.

* Formed Sea Scout Ship #3 in 1935.

* Guided the advancement of over 100 Eagle Scouts and Quartermaster Sea Scouts. The first
  Eagle Scout in the State of West Virginia was from Troop 3.

* Was named the first National Scoutmaster of the Year in 1975 by the National Eagle Scout

* During his life was considered West Virginia’s Dean of Scoutmasters.

* Engineered an effort (mostly through alumni contributions and his personal savings) to acquire
  land for the Base on the Ohio River near Blennerhassett Island at a cost of just $50 per acre.

* Led the effort to build a stone cabin at the Base for a total cost of $75. The cabin was completed
   in 1943, and still serves as the headquarters for Troop 3’s Ohio River activities.

* Was a trusted friend and able counselor…who exhibited a lifelong positive influence upon the youth
   of his community. He demonstrated the capacity to lead unostentatiously and the ability to instill in
   those under his supervision all that was good and symbolic in Scouting.

* Served as Scoutmaster for 58 years until his death of natural causes at Camp Smitty in July 1975.

* Is buried in Mt. Olivet cemetery on 23rd Street in Parkersburg.

* Has a special room named in his honor at the Oil and Gas Museum in Parkersburg that contains
  Troop 3 memorabilia of historic importance.

* Provided a way to learn and have fun for boys who were willing to do their best.

* Was an eternal optimist, but a realist, who knew that nothing of any value was ever given,
   borrowed, or stolen; it was earned. His personal qualities caused multiple generations of
   Scouts to enroll in his troop, which was a great source of pride for him.