At Boy Scouts of America, Troop Three of Buckskin Council #617, our focus
is to encourage young men in the fundamentals and integrity of scouting as
established through the foundation of the Boy Scouts of America.

Troop 3, founded March 29, 1917, is the oldest continually active Boy Scout
troop in the Greater Parkersburg Area, and one of the oldest continually active
Boy Scout troops in the United States.

During the troop’s rich 100-year history, 1100 boys have served as members,
with 132 having earned the Eagle award, which is the highest honor in Scouting.

100 years ago the tradition began, when Don B. Lowe and eight boys started
Troop 3 at the First Presbyterian Church.  Today, despite pressure from athletics,
video games, and numerous outside activities, the troop still manages to attract
Parkersburg area youth just as it did in 1917.

The key, according to Tom Dukas, scoutmaster for the past 31 years, is the
troop’s year-round camping, hiking, and outdoor activity program, which serves
to build character and confidence, while teaching the members to work for the
troop’s interests and welfare.

Another secret is the tight-knit alumni group who has provided continuity, while
continually looking out for the troop’s interests.  All four scoutmasters over the
past 100 years have been members of Troop 3.

The First Presbyterian Church, 1341 Juliana Street, Parkersburg, WV, continues
its' faithful heritage in sponsoring the Troop.

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Troop 3 is the second oldest scout troop in continuous operation in the state of
West Virginia.  The one troop who is older is Troop 5, located at the
First Presbyterian Church of Charleston, West Virgina.